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The rescue of Meliponini nests during deforestation, besides resulting in the conservation of numerous colonies of various species, also contributes to the generation of environmental and social benefits. The Potential consequences of pollinator declines on the conservation of biodiversity and stability of food crop yelds.

Allen-Wardell, G., Bernhardt, P., Bitner, R., Burquez, A., Buchmann, S., Cane, J. A., Dalton, V., Feinsinger, P., Inouye, D., Ingram, M., Jones, C.

The aim of this work was to describe the procedures used in the rescue of stingless bee colonies at the time of deforestation, prior to initiating construction of a large dam in the Madeira River (Amazon Basin, Brazil). Climatologia: con un estudio de los climas de la tierra. Asynchronous diversification in a specialized plant-pollinator mutualism. E., Kennedy, K., Kevan, P., Koopowitz, H., Medellin, R., Medellin-Morales, S., Nabhan, G. Successful maintenance of a stingless bee population despite a severe genetic bottleneck.

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