Emeeting dating software v9 menge skizzieren online dating

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So if you cannot guarantee a bug-free product - then DON'T charge us for support!!!I SINCERELY learned my lesson (although it cost me a grand 0 USD). there's truth behind it (after all it cannot all be "fake comments") and by the way, before you step on this message board telling me to come forward. except i dont' plan on releasing my personal information on the web.simply contact me (I'm unfortunately still stuck being your customer til I find a more reliable software).So reply back to me if you have a remedy for this ridiculous situation!Even after you pay for ad/link removals, there is no true functionality unless you spend thousands more for modifications.

They could have something worth using if they'd stick with what they start and make it functional..they are so quick and dismissive once teh sale was done. when i ask for help through the support system - i get offered the wonderful /month plan to pay for support... i pay for a product i cannot even customize even though they say it can be!Now i'm scrambling for help in the forum - trying to figure out all this problem with my site crashing randomly. moment you step into the backend to customize css, everything falls apart and no documentation to help us out!notification to a member when a new member joins that math his/her match settings.When they started out the idea was good, but with all the bugs the are trying to fix they lag behind other companies with new integrations (facebook login, 3d etc.

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