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His time was short…but by all appearances the memories of how well he lived his life, will remain strong and long, in the hearts and minds of those dear to him.

Additionally there is now some closure, but also the beginning of a period of mourning, for another person, who left too soon, but lived well.

Abortions happen at the sole discretion of the pregnant woman…the man…has no say. Fast forward nine months, after the woman has decided to have the child, the man, who previously had no say…is now obligated.

Whether or not he wanted a child…he is now obligated to provide for that child.

We are all blessed by those who use the time they have, by living well. However, occasionally there is a dark cloud…a certain heaviness, that hangs over the virtual community of Face Book.

Recently a young man, who was a father, a son, an uncle, and a friend passed away. So many pictures on display to document that this man lived well.

After a child is born women’s rights advocates are curiously absent.

Even if the man and woman are no longer together (some unions just don’t last) the man is legally required to provide for the new child, for at least the next 18 years…. I think the rules, laws, and expectations surrounding abortion, child birth, and child support are sometimes…how shall I say…questionable?

Knowing that our lives are but a “blink of an eye”, we have a chance to make this world a little better when we leave here, than it was when we got here.She went missing, and the power of her own generosity inspired hundreds of people to search for her.Apparently her body was found not far from where she went missing.Pictures of him smiling, holding children, hanging with the fellas…managed to break through, if only slightly… I read stories of his generosity and kindness, and my heart breaks for the people who loved him, and now have to live on without him.Clearly by the posts and pictures, the prayers and well wishes…it is clear that people loved this man.

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