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"He also has his inquisitive and friendly moments of engaging keepers with the genuine nature of his mother."We are smitten."1.45am BST: After our long journey with the world famous giraffe from pregnancy to birth, it seems our time with April is soon to come to an end.The live stream has long catalogued April’s pregnancy and continued after the birth of her calf on Saturday.Speaking to fans on the live stream feed, staff said: “Very normal for a giraffe to injure a leg, a slight twist, healing well."pm BST: April and her calf have not only broken hearts around the world – they have also come close to breaking records.The plucky mother managed to become the star of the second most watched livestream ever on You Tube, racking up 232 million views and a total of 7.6 billion minutes of live watch time.But while the live stream goes down, fans will still have a chance to vote on the name that will be given to April’s calf.8.30am BST: April’s calf disappeared from the camera’s view for around an hour, but is now back at mum’s side.5.40am BST: April’s calf is growing stronger by the second – and gained an impressive two pounds overnight!

The victorious name will be chosen in two weeks time.10.35am BST: April is resting on the ground after struggling for a few seconds to lie down.April’s popular live stream will sadly come to an end this week when the You Tube video will go down between now and Friday.Faithful fans have been tweeting their thanks for the opportunity to watch April.but she is a celebrity so headlines sell.”The park will carry out a weighing of the baby at around 8.45am ET or 1.45pm BST in the UK.1.30pm BST: April and Oliver are spending some quiet time in the pen, unaware that their online fame is coming to an end.Animal Adventure Park confirmed the visa; giraffe’s live stream will come to an end between Wednesday and Friday this week.

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